Clever Green Cabinets

We are one of the few local cabinetry companies dedicated to being environmentally friendly. Our focus on high quality craftsmanship, and a passion for improving the products we use everyday, make the best cabinetry available on the market today. It would be my pleasure to review your project and see how Clever Green Cabinets could best suit your needs.

Whether you're in the middle of a large construction project or just looking to improve a small corner of your home; we can custom tailor the perfect cabinet or built-in to fit your project.

The Environment

Effort today will save tomorrow

The most important choice we make today is how we effect our environment. If we purchase products that contain less toxins, we improve our indoor air quality and our overall health. Also, it is very important that we buy renewable and sustainable products so future generations can enjoy what most of us take for granted.

About Me

Jonathan Taylor
A woodworker at 5 years old; I left it behind as I grew up. Now after years of studying culinary arts and computers, I've re-found my passion for wood.